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Here is a Gallery of Graphic Design Cards I did while working for a german post card print company from cologne.
I enjoyed the time working there. I had to daily deliver a card and I had the luck to daily come up with new ideas/concepts.
Out of stillness and calmness the ideas fall into my mind.
So calmness/resting is the first step into concepting and in creating/developing.
Ideas come not in stress, they come by stilllness.

Bad Wildbad Grafik Werbung und KunstBad Wildbad Grafik Desin Kunst Werbung

Photoshop Brushes for digital Painting with Oil Texture Pack

Matte Paintings
Illustrations and Designs 1
Book Cover
Illustrations and Designs 2
Illustrations and Designs 3


Grafik Design in den Gebieten Pforzheim und Bad Wildbad
von Michael Adamidis

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