Realistic PHOTOSHOP Oil & Acrylic Brushes

Powerful & Artistic Photoshop Painting Brushes for pushing your Art to the next Level!


The powerful MA-Brushes for Photoshop have been created to bring the experience and joy of traditional canvas painting to your computer screen to help you making your digital painting technique more efficient, authentic, realistic and natural!

Photoshop Brushes made for professional digital Paintings like Concept Art and Character/Environmental Design and also Portraits, Landscapes and abstract Paintings.

-> Change FOREVER your Digital Painting experience!

Photoshop MA-BRUSHES Close-Up Screenshot Tour

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Coming from traditional Art and working in the Game and Art Industry for over 10 years, I really was frustrated with all of the Photoshop Brushes available out there. So over many years, I’ve started to create and test thousands of Photoshop Brushes and put all my heart into it, to finally pick the very best 416 BRUSHES in an outstanding Fine Art Brush Pack – The Photoshop Oil & Acrylic MA-BRUSHES

Enjoy every painting with the
MA-Brushes for Photoshop!

These painting Brushes are highly unique, realistic and effective – A commitment guaranteed by myself as a Visual Artist/Concept Artist and Painter for over 10 years and also by considering all the positive feedback I am getting from the customers.

Test it for yourself and see the above close-up Gallery and the below Product Video
     and compare it to anything else you know.

► No stamps and no unrealistic patterns anymore!
► Just beautiful brush strokes and natural paint brush & knife textures
     to create wonderfull realistic and authentic Art – Your Art!

► The MA-Brushes are well sorted by category!


Because Brushes DO matter and DO make the difference!

If you are sick of just photobashing, the MA-Brushes for Photoshop are for YOU!

– It is time to PAINT again ! –


This Photoshop Brush Pack contains:
Portrait Fine Art Brushes, round Brushes, flat Brushes, Filbert Brushes, Fan Brushes, Impasto brushes, scratchy Brushes, Canvas texture Brushes, Oil Brushes (Mixer Brushes), Palette Knives, diffuse Brushes (Clouds), Frost Texture Brushes (Oil Effect), Brushes for Grass, Brushes for Trees (also Evergreens), Brushes for Leaves, Rocks….

Extra BONUS included Photoshop MA-Brushes
> 26 HQ Canvas Textures!

Along with the MA-Brushes you will get the Magic Canvas, which is a Photoshop file that includes 26 very special Fine Art Canvas Textures that also harmonize with the Brushes! This file has a 5000*3299 resolution so it is constructed for large paintings and prints.

► Through combining the MA-Brushes with the Magic Canvas you will achieve fantastic, ultra-realistic paintings!

The MA-Brushes are perfect for..

✅ Concept Artists ✅ Portrait Painters ✅ Landscape Painters ✅ Abstract Painters ✅ Art Students/Studies ✅ Graphic Designers

✧ ✧ ✦ Created to be Creative ! ✦ ✧ ✧

– The official Video of the Photoshop MA-Brushes –

Portrait Painting and Concept Art Best Photoshop Brushes


Get the MA-Brushes now for just 23 Euro!

Grafik Design, Concept Art and Portraits Michael Adamidis

Requirements: The MA-Brush Pack is a digital download product. You need an internet connection – Filesize 1,54 gb. You need Photoshop CS5 or higher to use the brushes.

Download the Michael Adamidis Brushes from Gumroad!

Photoshop Brushes CC Oil Texture

Feedbacks for the Photoshop MA-Brushes

“Your photoshop brushes are pretty badass. The ‘Magic Canvas’ is particulary great. All of these brushes work so well together for the different tasks they were designed for. That effort you went to perfect each one, not to mention arranging everything into orderly groups, is phenomenal. Thank you.”
– Dan Collins, London   Website

“Okay c’est juste le style Exact que je cherche à reproduire avec mes painting, j’achète des demain ton pack, c’est tout bonnement sublime, beau travail!

ENGLISH: With joy I wrote the comment in french! I test the art brush pack today and damn, you can’t imagine how you pass my skill to next level, this is insane, quality of brush and canvas make incredible difference with all my “past test” especially for render thick paint, thanx alot buddy !!”

– Vince, YouTube comment

“Michael, your brushes are just incredible!! I have never thought, that this is possible in Photoshop. (…)”
– James, Newcastle

“Love these brushes!!! They are the single best brushes for PS (If you like oil painting) or even if you don’t.. They are MAGICAL! The only brushes I use now”
– soulofapainter on Instagram

“(…) For me the best photoshop brushes ever. I have removed most of my own brushes I have gathered through the years (…)”
– Da Chun, Taiwan

| More Feedbacks

“Let me say that your brush set with the canvas combination is an incredibly realistic and satisfying way to work…..WELL DONE!”
– Steve Hewett, Detroit   Website

“(…) This pack is big! I didn’t had time to check all the brushes yet, but the ones I’ve tried are so AMAZING and useful! Great job Michael.”
– Richard, Oakland

“Dear Michael, your photoshop painting brushes are so extraordinary! There are no limits to the choices. Incredible quality and realism. Photoshop works very well with them. I love them so much! Thank you for creating and sharing them with us. ;-)”
– Mary Brun, Varese (Italy)   Website

“These Brushes are amazing and also the Magic Canvas (…) There are some brushes that so much relieve painting that’s unbelievable!
– Hristov, Bulgaria (via Facebook) (See one of his paintings in the above Screenshot Gallery.)

“(…) really love them and they are perfect for my art studies.”
– Hanna, Warsaw

“(…) they’re worth every penny! AMAZING photoshop painting brushes, and the Magic Canvas really is MAGIC!”
– thecrownprints (Instagram)

“Your brushes are AWESOME … I am still exploring them and more and more they fit greatly for different elements in my art (fantasy).. Thank you so much for your hard work and contributions in helping other artists find their niche.”
– Pamela DelliColli, United States   Website

> Click here for the german MA-Brushes site


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