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Best Photoshop Brush Pack Oil Brushes and Bristles


“Michael, your brushes are just incredible!! I have never thought, that this is possible in Photoshop. (…)”
– James, Newcastle

“(…) For me the best brushes ever. I have removed most of my own brushes I have gathered through the years (…)”
– Da Chun, Taiwan

“Your brushes are pretty badass. The ‘Magic Canvas’ is particulary great. All of these brushes work so well together for the different tasks they were designed for. That effort you went to perfect each one, not to mention arranging everything into orderly groups, is phenomenal. Thank you.”
– Dan Collins, London   Website

“(…) This pack is big! I didn’t had time to check all the brushes yet, but the ones I’ve tried are so AMAZING! Great job Michael.”
– Richard, Oakland

“(…) really love them and they are perfect for my art studies.”
– Hanna, Warsaw

“Dear Michael, your brushes are so extraordinary! There are no limits to the choices. Incredible quality and realism. Photoshop works very well with them. I love them so much! Thank you for creating and sharing them with us. ;-)”
– Mary Brun, Varese (Italy)   Website

“These Brushes are amazing and also the Magic Canvas (…)”
– Hristov, Bulgaria (via Facebook)